Salt House Inn

The Salt House Inn

I can easily say that without a doubt, the Salt House Inn in Provincetown, MA, has been one of our favorite finds since we started Map & Menu. Never before have both Meredith and I been quite so taken with the detailed charm of a place, and just minutes after we arrived, we were already discussing extending our stay.

The recently opened, renovated inn is just far enough from Commercial Street to avoid the crowds, but close enough that a two block walk will put you right back into the thick of things. I simply can’t emphasize the personal impact the details of the inn had on the two of us. Besides the minimal cottage aesthetic that immediately won us over, details like the hand-lettered chalkboard information wall in the lobby (by the innkeeper, Kevin, no less!), the gallery wall and modern feeling windsor chairs in our room – even the privacy signs – seemed to fit the two of us to a finely-lettered T.

The care of the innkeepers, Kevin and David, could be felt throughout the inn and the rest of our visit. Kevin’s recommendations for The Canteen and Ptown Scoop were right up Map & Menu’s alley, and many – if not all – of the details that won us over were personally executed by him… even the outstanding breakfasts (I mean come on, a strawberry vanilla waffle trifle and bourbon, caramel, and pineapple upside-down cake?!).

It’s no understatement to say that our brief stay at the Salt House Inn was one of our absolute favorite in recent memory. The two of us will definitely be returning to the inn on our next visit to Provincetown, but it won’t surprise me if given the amazing nature of the property and the already growing word around it, that reservations in the near future might become very hard to come by.

Salt House Inn Provincetown

Greetings from Provincetown

Salt House Inn Provincetown

Clock at Salt House Inn

Room 3 Salt House Inn

The Salt House Inn Branding

Bathroom at the Salt House Inn

Further Soap

Salt House Inn Details

Room 3 at Salt House Inn

Salt House Inn Garden

Garden at the Salt House Inn

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  1. how stinkin’ cute is that place?! i’m absolutely obsessed with the bathroom tile work! and that clip board of info is just too adorable.

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