Provincetown, MA – 5.12

When I found out that I’d be second shooting a wedding on the weekend of my birthday, I’ll have to admit that I was anything but thrilled. But when that weekend morphed into a a fantastic mini-vacation in a town (and on an island) I’d never visited before (with a little work mixed in), I quickly changed my tune. Friends had been urging us to visit the wonderfully unique village of Provincetown, at the very tip of Cape Cod, for awhile, and after spending 3 all-too-short days trying to visit as many shops, galleries, and restaurants, and trying to see … Continue reading Provincetown, MA – 5.12

Brass Key Guesthouse

When I came across the Brass Key Guesthouse while I was researching Provincetown inns, I was immediately drawn to the fact that the property is made up of several cottages and guesthouses, all of which surround the inn’s beautiful infinity pool. I was sold – how could I not fall in love with adorably sweet carriage houses and an infinity pool right in the heart of Provincetown? The whole property, made up of nine buildings, the pool and a spa, is just steps away from Commercial street, home to most of Provincetown’s shops, restaurants, and galleries, yet it feels as … Continue reading Brass Key Guesthouse

Native Cape Cod Seafood

On our way to Cape Cod, the Sagamore Bridge (one of only two ways onto the island by car) was down to two lanes for maintenance, tacking on an extra hour to the drive in standstill traffic. So when we arrived in Provincetown, we had just two things on our mind – food and relaxation. Fortunately for us, our first stop, Native Cape Cod Seafood, delivered on both. Serving up locally sourced, fresh seafood in more ways than just fried, with an open-air seating area overlooking the beach, Native Cape Cod Seafood isn’t your typical seafood shack. Meredith and I … Continue reading Native Cape Cod Seafood

Ten Tables Provincetown

What would a Map & Menu trip post be without that one meal that just puts fine dining back into perspective? Our meal at Ten Tables, the evening we arrived in town, did just that. One of three locations (the others are in Jamaica Plain and Cambridge), Ten Tables Restaurant & Bar in Provincetown had just the right atmosphere and menu to cap off a fantastic introduction to the town and area. From our drinks (a Sage Fall sidecar and the Ten Tables Ale) to our appetizers (a Ten Tables Salad with escarole, breakfast radish, thyme and a mascarpone Vinaigrette, and … Continue reading Ten Tables Provincetown


During my research for places to eat in Provincetown, I came across Relish and immediately added it to the custom Google Map I created for our trip. On our Saturday morning stroll we happened to walk by Relish, and although we had just eaten a quick breakfast at the Brass Key, peering through the front windows made me already crave lunch! There are few meals that I consistently adore more than a really good sandwich at a shop filled with character & charm. If I was presented with the choice of a nice dinner out (apps & desserts, included!) or … Continue reading Relish