David’s 388

It’s shocking to think that having lived in our neighborhood for nearly three years, that we’ve only experienced the fantastic meals at David’s 388, just around the corner from us, twice during that time. (I guess that also goes to show how many incredible restaurants we have surrounding us in the greater Portland area!) In the spirit of Maine Restaurant Week we decided to visit this neighborhood gem of ours, to take advantage of the evening’s specials. We began our night out with a couple of cocktails, the Mayfair for me and a Dark & Stormy for Michael, and shared … Continue reading David’s 388

Local 188

It’d be impossible to talk about delicious Portland heavyweights without mentioning this go-to spot. ¬†Whether it’s drinks with friends at the bar, a family-sized get together, or a romantic dinner for two, Local 188 seems to have an innate ability to morph into the perfect spot for exactly the type of evening you need – and there’s no denying it, eating in such a unique setting just makes you feel ‘cooler’. In preparation for the launch of Map & Menu, Meredith and I had an evening out at Local 188 this week, and left a few hours later a little … Continue reading Local 188