The Blue Pig Ice Cream

The Blue Pig

After leaving The Blue Pig (the first of our two visits) last week, I couldn’t help but think that places like this were precisely the reason we write Map & Menu. Every now and then, we stumble upon a place that’s slightly off the beaten path, and deserves to be shared.

Last fall when we discovered how easy it was to drive down to Croton-on-Hudson, park our car, and train into the city, I told nearly everyone who would listen that it was, in our opinion, the best way to travel to New York City from Maine. Now after our most recent trip, whenever I’m telling a friend of ours how easy it is to get to Manhattan this way, I will be insisting that they stop at The Blue Pig (at least once, if not twice) for some of the tastiest homemade ice cream in Westchester County. It couldn’t be a more convenient detour – the whimsical blue cottage is literally right on the way to the train station.

My choice of ice cream (during our first stop) was practically made for me – gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough. Honestly, how could I resist? It was delicious, and the best part about it was that it tasted like the real cookie dough ice cream I’ve enjoyed (nearly all) my life! I snagged a bite of Michael’s peanut butter chocolate and it was every bit as good as the combination of those two flavors promises to be. On our way out, Michael pointed to the strawberries growing on the roof of the shop and I finally made the connection to the “rooftop strawberry” flavor I’d seen in the case. So three days later when we conveniently found ourselves back at The Blue Pig, this time en route back to Maine, I knew exactly which flavor I need to try. The rooftop strawberry was amazing, and given the way Michael greedily hoarded every last drop of his vanilla with raspberry swirl milkshake, I think he was pretty happy with his choice.

It goes without saying, friends, that from here on out a stop at The Blue Pig will be automatically factored into our drive time when we’re considering which train to take into the city, and we sincerely hope the same goes for you.

The Blue Pig Croton-on-Hudson

The Blue Pig Ice Cream

Ice Cream at the Blue Pig

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