Weekend Reads: 06.28.13

Goats on Nevis

Photo of a goat we met during our trip to Nevis!

Our friends, Em & John, went to Nevis for their honeymoon this spring and stayed at Montpelier Plantation. Reading about their trip makes me so nostalgic for our 2011 visit!

As someone who is always plotting ways to get back to Provence, I couldn’t agree more with Heather of Habitually Chic – Domaine de la Baume looks heavenly.

Dailo & Lola are seriously two of my favorite dogs on the internet. How cute are they on vacation in Boston? Maybe someday they’ll come to Maine… :)

We’re adding Puritan & Company in Cambridge to our list of Hopeful Reservations, thanks to the Eat Boutique blog.

At a conference this year, Michael had the opportunity to see a moving keynote delivered by Field Note’s Aaron Draplin. Michael was struck by Draplin’s message showing his passion for his craft and his incredible work ethic. When we saw¬†A Continuous Lean’s post, At Work with Aaron Draplin, he couldn’t help but smile to see how infectious Draplin’s message seems to be on others too.

Happy weekend, friends! Do you have any exciting plans? I’m shooting a wedding down on the Cape today, so I’m excited to have the next two days off – hooray!

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