The Pink Pig

The Pink Pig

When it came time for us to leave our beloved Inn at Palmetto Bluff, we thought it would be fun to plan a lunch stop on the way back up to North Carolina. Try as I might, I simply couldn’t convince Michael to make a (significantly out of the way) detour to Charleston for lunch at Husk – a restaurant I’ve been dying to visit for months now. I then thought lunch in Beaufort, SC might be a nice option, but I just couldn’t seem to get excited about anything I was finding online.

After doing a little more digging, I found the perfect spot for a quick lunch – The Pink Pig in Hardeeville, South Carolina, just outside of Bluffton. From the articles I found online via Travel + Leisure and Savannah Magazine, The Pink Pig seemed like a fantastic local hangout, somewhere I might not even think to stop if passing by.

Our meals were simple – we both ordered barbecue sandwiches, with french fries for Michael, and hushpuppies for me. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest barbecue connoisseur, but I do consider Michael to be, and he absolutely raved about the sandwich! My line of expertise is definitely the hushpuppy, and the ones we had (I wound up sharing a few with Michael, even though I wasn’t too happy about it) at The Pink Pig were some of my very favorites. Not every hushpuppy I eat meets my standards, but these were deliciously sweet with a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior. When he wasn’t begging for a few of Michael’s french fries, Orvis greeted some regular patrons of The Pink Pig from our seat near the front door.

If you find yourself driving to Savannah, or staying at Palmetto Bluff, we’d highly recommend stopping in for some tasty lowcountry barbecue.

The Pink Pig

The Pink Pig BBQ

Orvis at the Pink Pig

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