Fore Street

Negroni at Fore Street

It’s hard to talk about the heavyweights of the Portland food scene without mentioning Fore Street. Before terms like “locally-sourced” and “farm fresh” were commonplace in every city around the country, this fantastic eatery was strongly adhering to the principal that a meal is made of its ingredients, and their motto: “good food travels the shortest possible distance between the farm and the table”. It truly seems as though they win over most patrons long before the food enters the kitchen. It amazes me how frequently, when speaking with friends about Fore Street, that their ingredients play into the conversation – simple, straightforward ingredients, prepared to perfection.

Another amazing gift certificate from two of Meredith’s clients had us shifting our schedules to make some time for an early dinner at one of my top-5 in Portland, and we were finally able to take advantage of a sunny evening for pictures earlier this week. Once again, Fore Street delivered on a fantastic night.

We started at the bar, where our bartender expertly prepared a Negroni that Meredith stuck with for the rest of the night, while I began with the Fore Street Manhattan (a delicious vanilla bean take on the classic) and later switched over to an Old Fashioned – both were fantastic. For dinner, the Maine mussels in garlic, butter, and almonds were too much for me to resist, and Mere settled into her mushroom crêpe with delight. Knowing that every last item on the menu is a winner makes choosing a single one for your entree almost impossible. After significant debate, I went for the delicious scallops and Meredith ordered what she is describing as “the best chicken I have ever experienced”. No meal at Fore Street is complete without the following, however… the fingerling potatoes. The sides (of which the fingerlings are an option), are quite possibly the best example of what makes Fore Street so special to me and many others – they are simply perfect. Kale and bacon, fingerlings and sea salt, etc. – simple, straightforward ingredients, prepared to perfection.

After such a great meal, I don’t know how we did it, but we made some room for their handmade (in house) chocolates and a delectable warm banana tarte tatin. The desserts sent us over the top, and we once again (as is becoming the Portland norm) made our way back home, stuffed to perfection.

Fore Street Manhattan

Fore Street Mussels

Mushroom Crepe

Scallops at Fore Street

Fore Street Chicken

Fore Street Kale

Fore Street Sides

Fore Street Chocolates

Bana Tarte Tatin

Fore Street Portland Maine

13 thoughts on “Fore Street

  1. Having enjoyed more than one meal at Fore Street, I must concur! Fore Street is one of the better restaurants in Portland, Maine, a town that has many, many fine dining establishments. The photographs are outstanding and the food looks scrumptious. You are making me hungry just reading your blog entries!

  2. I’m with S above, such great pictures! The negroni, chicken and scallops look delicious. I shouldn’t be this hungry at 9 am!!

  3. How have I been to Portland THREE TIMES and never been to Fore Street? It looks awesome. Of course, the banana dessert is making me want to book a ticket right now! Thanks for sharing!

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