Weekend Reads: 03.29.13


A photo from last year’s Easter Eggs!

Michael has been cooking us dinner each night this week while I play with the pups. I’m pretty sure I’ve been getting the better end of the deal, but he loves experimenting in the kitchen, and I love fawning over dogs and eating what he cooks, so it all works out. Two recipes we particularly enjoyed this week came from A House in the Hills – the Spicy Black Bean Soup and the Cucumber Noodles in Peanut Sauce – both amazing!

Montauk’s Surf Lodge has been on our Hopeful Reservations list in the sidebar since we launched Map & Menu last year. Seeing Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg’s images of the property have me wanting to move the Surf Lodge to the tip top of our list.

Over the last few months I’ve noticed Scribe Winery pop up in my various feeds, and after reading a bit more about the winery on A Continuous Lean this week, it will be a must-visit if we ever make it to Sonoma!

We were happy to see the town of Bath receive some love from The Boston Globe this week. Whenever we drive up to my family’s place in Wiscasset, our sights are always set on heading further up the coast for our meals, but this article reminded us that we need to spend some time exploring the charming little town of Bath just two towns over.

We hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend! Tonight we’re meeting one of our favorite families out for pizza, and then we’re planning on spending the rest of the weekend outside working in the yard and playing with the dogs!

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