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Taking advantage of our trip down to Kittery to pick up our little foster puppy, Michael & I decided to try out a new restaurant while we were in the area. Knowing that we’d want something a bit on the quicker side, we decided on Roost Cafe & Bistro in nearby Cape Neddick, a place about which we’d heard multiple wonderful reports.

While the main section of the restaurant was filled with locals who appeared to know this was one of the best lunch spots in town, we opted to sit inside the sunnier (read: well-lit for photos!) bar area of the cafe. In doing so, we were treated to views of this sprawling tree, happily adorned with bright lights and a whimsical collection of ornaments. A unique, character-filled, conversation piece from which many a dining establishment could benefit!

Upon looking over the menu, we were immediately faced with what would be some of the more difficult decisions of the day. Were we hungry for breakfast or lunch? One of the savory omelets or one of the juicy burgers? Having already had an oatmeal breakfast that morning, I came around to the idea of lunch, and even though the thought of the Creme Brulee French Toast made Michael’s eyes light up with sweet expectations, he followed suit and began seriously contemplating the sandwich offerings as well. The Portobello Burger seemed as though it was created just for me with its mixed grilled vegetables and herbed goat cheese! Paired with sweet potato waffle fries, the meal reminded me of summer evenings on the patio spent grilling our own portobello burgers accompanied by sweet potato wedges. Michael settled on the Tom Foolery,¬†with all the makings of one exceptional sandwich- roast turkey, brie, bacon, lettuce, and a cranberry dijon aioli. He couldn’t help but go on and on about how much he enjoyed the sandwich, and after he polished off his sweet potato fries in no time, he graciously took it upon himself to help me finish mine as well!

After the last fry was eaten, we decided that maybe the locals (who continued to filter in and out throughout the whole meal) were on to something with this delicious cafe & bistro, and that we’d definitely be returning the next time we’re in the area around breakfast or lunch.






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  1. One of my thoughtful clients treated me to lunch here a few Saturdays ago. I opted for the tuna melt and sweet potato waffle fries (one of my all time favorites). Both were delicious. The interior is so much fun.

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