Weekend Reads: 06.20.14

Orvis at Trundy Point

So far, this week might have just been my favorite on record this year. The weather was beautiful every single day which allowed us to eat most of our meals out on the patio – my favorite part of summer. We made our first Pimm’s Cups of the year and hung out on the beach with Orvis (see above). Our peonies opened, strawberries appeared at a local farm stand, and we enjoyed a delicious meal at a new restaurant with a friend we hadn’t seen in a long time. Last night after a fun evening in town, we were finally able to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel – a visually inspiring way to cap off such a stellar work week. The following are a few links we found to be interesting this week – happy first official summer weekend, friends!

Both of us are obsessed with the calligraphy (and photography!) of our friend, Li. Check out the lettering she recently did for a Scotch tasting party.

These two Nantucket posts from Mackenzie & Amy really have me wanting to finally cross a visit to this New England island off of our 30 by 30 list.

Our friend, Anestes, wrote a pretty amazing food guide to Portland for Downeast Magazine.

If Montauk is on your summer travel bucket list, we found this guide from Domaine to be quite the resource. Someday we’ll make it down there…

I was happy to¬†find my way to the Lombardi House, new beautifully-designed luxury vacation rental properties in Hollywood, by way of Amber’s blog. Now, I just need to find an excuse to plan a trip to LA!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: 06.20.14

  1. Those ACK pics from Mac and Amy have me wanting to brave the summer traffic on I-95 for a trip south! But why don’t you guys go first so you can scope out all the best places to go – heehee…

    BTW – I came across your blog last year via “The Well” post and we finally made it there for dinner on Saturday night. The food and location were definitely awesome! And Miller, our golden retriever, appreciated the dog-friendly policy :-)

    The Salty Hanger

  2. Sounds lovely! Late spring/early summer is my favorite time of the year. I still haven’t seen Grand Budapest and not sure why- making that my next rainy day priority!
    Checking out all those great-sounding links now :)

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