Blue Rooster Food Company

Blue Rooster Food Company

At last month’s Hush Hush #4, our friend Anestes couldn’t stop raving about the soft opening he’d just come from for a new sandwich place on Dana Street, and since he knows a thing or two about Portland’s food scene, it wasn’t long before a whole contingent of us were prepping to make a late night run to the Blue Rooster Food Company.

With a menu pleasantly stuffed with the likes of tater tots, housemade potato chips, ricotta and chile brussels sprouts (quite possibly the best in town), savory sandwiches, and a variety of delicious hotdogs (we’d recommend the Colombian and Junkyard), it’s almost impossible to find something that won’t blow you away for lunch, dinner, or late night. I could rave about each bite we’ve enjoyed here, but I’d be far from the first person to do so, and even further from the last.

We’ve spoken to co-owner Damian Sansonetti on each of our trips to the Blue Rooster, and love the level of excitement and high-brow culinary talent that he brings to the coolest of casual walk-in eateries. The Blue Rooster fills the perfect need in Portland when you don’t want to sit down for long but still want to be wowed with every bite. If you work in the Old Port and don’t make the Blue Rooster a priority for your next lunch day, you’re missing out.

Blue Rooster Portland Maine

Blue Rooster Food Company Portland

4 thoughts on “Blue Rooster Food Company

  1. is damian the short(ish), blonde(ish), cute chatty guy? he is wicked nice, we felt right at home bantering with him while we ate saturday lunch. i was surprised there weren’t more people in there!

    1. kate: s. is right, Damian has dark hair and is crazy-nice. I’d think that having a number of exceptionally friendly people is another plus for Blue Rooster.

  2. Damian has black hair and very nice. I met him at Hush #2. We had the Red Eye and Tuna–both were spectacular. Personally, I thought the biscuit the RE is served on is one of the best I’ve had north of Virginia.

    1. s.: if the biscuits are better than those at Eventide/Hugo’s (my favorite north of the Mason-Dixon), I’d be extremely impressed. Maybe we’ll have to get an encore for a side by side.

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