Roost Cafe & Bistro

Taking advantage of our trip down to Kittery to pick up our little foster puppy, Michael & I decided to try out a new restaurant while we were in the area. Knowing that we’d want something a bit on the quicker side, we decided on Roost Cafe & Bistro in nearby Cape Neddick, a place about which we’d heard multiple wonderful reports. While the main section of the restaurant was filled with locals who appeared to know this was one of the best lunch spots in town, we opted to sit inside the sunnier (read: well-lit for photos!) bar area … Continue reading Roost Cafe & Bistro

Revisit: Lunch at Sonny’s

Last week, Meredith shared a meal with friends at Sonny’s, and ever since then has been insisting that Map & Menu revisit one of her favorite lunches in town. Never one to say ‘no’ to a mid-day cocktail, and looking for another way to celebrate our recent Portland Phoenix nomination, I took her up on the suggestion, and we spent a leisurely lunch with some delicious drinks and fantastic food. Continue reading Revisit: Lunch at Sonny’s