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Buffalos is located in the heart of Palmetto Bluff’s cute downtown, Wilson Village, and offers its diners a casual, relaxed atmosphere with views of the May River, the Chapel, and the old Wilson home ruins in the Village Square. During our short stay at Palmetto Bluff we ate lunch outside under the bold, red umbrellas with Orvis twice – we loved the food and the setting that much!

A local South Carolina beer, the Thomas Creek Ale, caught Michael’s eye during our first meal, and he liked it so much that he ordered it again the following day! I kicked off my first vacation lunch with a John Daly (sweet tea, lemonade, and vodka) because it just felt like the right thing to do on a warm spring day! Between the two lunches we ate at Buffalos we enjoyed some house favorites: chicken salad, the jerk chicken BLT, the portabella sandwich, and the Buffalo Burger. To cap off our final lunch at Buffalos we decided to treat ourselves to dessert – a piece of bourbon pecan pie for Michael, and the creamiest scoop of chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had!

Thinking about our lunches at Buffalos makes me smile – we were in total vacation mode and felt so relaxed, sitting under the umbrellas with Orvis, who was an absolute hit with the wait staff and the other guests!

Palmetto Bluff Buffalos

John Daly Drink

Dogs at Buffalos

Buffalos Palmetto Bluff SC

Buffalos Chips

Buffalos Bluffton SC

Dessert at Buffalos

Orvis and Michael

7 thoughts on “Buffalos

  1. Decent food but the second I finished my email they asked how long I would be because a big group had walked in and they needed a bunch of tables. Really really tacky

  2. I found your post looking for the menu (we’re staying at Palmetto Bluff, but no menus in the room like there used to be). Reading your last post, we laughed bc of our experience here (not at the restaurant, but at PB in general) this time, which mirrors your dining experience. We’ve loved PB for years, and assumed it would be just as wonderful as a Montage resort; were considering home purchase here. This isn’t the venue for this discussion, but since you mentioned your service experience, will quickly share how disappointed my husband and I have been with the service here. Same beautiful guest cottages and food still really good (altho not what it was), and most of the staff are friendly, but Definitely not the quality one would assume – not even close… Struck me reading your note, maybe PB decided not to hire true southerners :).

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