Canoe Club

Canoe Club

During our drive down to Palmetto Bluff we began researching the property’s restaurants and discovered that the Canoe Club was closed two out of the three nights we’d be staying at the resort, so we decided to make a reservation for the one night it’d be open during our stay – the first night! While the thought of relaxing and ordering room service was tempting after a couple of days of non-stop driving, we knew we’d regret not trying as many of the restaurants as we could. As it turns out, this was probably the best decision we made throughout the whole trip – our experience at the Canoe Club has proven to be one of our shared favorite meals of all-time.

From the moment we stepped through its doors, we knew our meal at the Canoe Club would be an unforgettable one. With a wooden construction, finish details, and a massive cathedral ceiling, the atmosphere was both warming and elegant.  Windows on either side of the dining room allowed views of the May River and the Palmetto Bluff Water Trail, and the focal point of the room, the lovely paddle-adorned bar, turned out to be a great starting point for the meal itself.

We knew the meal was off to a great start when both of our cocktails left us speechless. Since leaving the Canoe Club, I’ve repeated the ingredients in my Fleur Dulce over and over in hopes of attempting to recreate it someday – St. Germain, gin, and grapefruit. Having tried Michael’s drink (a bourbon-ginger cocktail) that night as well, I’m fairly certain that we’re going to be trying to mix that one soon too. Minutes later our Thai shrimp appetizer arrived and we found ourselves quickly falling head over heels for the Canoe Club. Our time at Palmetto Bluff was already off to a perfect start!

When we were ordering for the evening, the waitress’s description of the Chef’s nightly vegetarian dish – a quiche made of leeks in lieu of eggs, with a variety of veggies – sounded too good to pass up, and it was even better than I’d imagined! Michael was just as impressed with his mint-scented pesto lamb rack, and then it dawned on us just how fantastic the entire meal had been. Separately, our drinks, appetizer, and entrees were some of our all-time favorites, and together as a whole meal, we were hard pressed to find a single part that was lacking.

Canoe Club Palmetto Bluff

Canoe Club

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