Furbish Studio

When mapping out my weekend in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, I knew that there were two places in Raleigh I needed to visit before the wedding I was photographing – Chucks and Furbish Studio. I began following I Suwannee, the blog of Furbish Studio’s owner, Jamie Meares, a year or so ago around the time my friend, Jessica, began working at the studio. To hear Jessica talk about her work at Furbish is absolutely heartwarming – she couldn’t possibly love what she does or where she works an ounce more. Continue reading Furbish Studio

Shop Tour: Sugar Tools

I popped into Sugar Tools for the first time one morning after wrapping up a quick photo shoot in Camden. The store’s ads in Maine Magazine always seem to catch my eye, so I couldn’t wait to kill some time in this darling little shop, just off the main street in one of my favorite towns in Maine. As you know by now, both Michael & I love a well-stocked home goods shop filled with interesting & inspiring objects. With its fun selection of products, displayed so wonderfully, Sugar Tools certainly fit the bill, and I fell in love with the shop almost instantaneously. Continue reading Shop Tour: Sugar Tools

Rock Paper Scissors

Last week, Meredith mentioned one of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat in Wiscasset, and this week, I’m delighted to follow that post with quite possibly one of our favorite shops in the entire Midcoast region – Rock Paper Scissors (sorry, no website). If you’re ever driving through, or staying in Wiscasset, and don’t take the time to get lost in this fantastic shop of cards, stationery, gifts, and just general awesome miscellany, you’re completely missing out. The collection of products that owner Erika Soule has curated is simply fantastic, and every nook and cranny of the shop … Continue reading Rock Paper Scissors