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When mapping out my weekend in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, I knew that there were two places in Raleigh I needed to visit before the wedding I was photographing – Chucks and Furbish Studio. I began following I Suwannee, the blog of Furbish Studio’s owner, Jamie Meares, a year or so ago around the time my friend, Jessica, began working at the studio. To hear Jessica talk about her work at Furbish is absolutely heartwarming – she couldn’t possibly love what she does or where she works an ounce more. After experiencing Furbish Studio in person, I can see precisely why Jessica is so happy there. It truly is amazing.

Furbish is one of those places you have to allow yourself time to really experience. There’s just so much there! I made multiple rounds, my eyes catching new items they hadn’t seen each time around. Clearly there was so much that I instantly loved, but it didn’t take me long to realize how much Michael would have enjoyed a morning at Furbish as well. In fact, there was an older couple in the shop with me, and the gentleman genuinely seemed to be having so much fun helping his wife select unique items for their home. It’s easy to be fooled by the bright & cheerful, sophisticated nature of the interior, but there really is something at Furbish for everyone and every style – cocktail accessories, office and kitchen wares, original art, etc.

Knowing that I had already packed my carry-on suitcase to the brim, I had to reign myself in a bit, and left with just a few small(ish) items: a David Walser block print, a porcelain traya knot bangle, and a pair of lobster earrings. But thanks to Furbish’s online shop, I came home and immediately placed another order (!) – this time for a holiday tray, a new print, and a few Christmas gifts! To be honest, I’ll probably place even one more order before the holidays because there are just too many potential gifts that several of my family members and friends would simply adore.

As we’ve cited a time or two before, Michael and I love a shop with personality, and after visiting Furbish, I cannot imagine a store with more character and charm. If you ever find yourself in Raleigh, please stop by this mecca of creativity and inspiration – there truly is something there for everyone!

Furbish Studio

Furbish Studio NC

Furbish Raleigh NC

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Furbish Raleigh

Furbish Studio NC


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  1. Please tell me what the red coral knobs are made from. I think they are very attractive and want to use them for my bathroom cabinet drawers but I don’t want plastic and I am concerned if they will stand up to much use by guests at my Florida home. Please advise ASAP as I would like to order them and receive them before July 15th. Thanks Jill Harris

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