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Last month I traveled down to North Carolina to shoot my first wedding of the year, and in anticipation of the Map & Menu launch, I decided to make the most of my time spent in Durham with my sister and brother-in-law, MacKenzie & Philip, and document a bit of my trip. I spent the better part of four years in college at UNC despising all things Duke, which unfortunately included everything Durham-related as well. Four years out of school and I still despise everything Duke, but I’ve certainly come to love and appreciate the city of Durham!

If my sister & brother-in-law hadn’t moved to Durham a few years ago, I wonder just how long it would have taken me to realize how cool Durham really is, and what all it has to offer. From what I can tell, the food scene is incredible. All of the meals I’ve had in Durham recently, including brunch at Watts Grocery, dinner at Pop’s, and mexican at Nanataco, have been both memorable and delicious. Being a part of the ever-growing Triangle area, Durham seems to have a significantly thriving arts scene as well. A local favorite of mine is most definitely LabourLove Gallery located in the recently restored Golden Belt textile mill.

There’s so much of Durham I have yet to experience, but I’m so thankful that every so often I have the chance to travel down from Maine and experience bits & pieces of it in conjunction with work! If you have any must-visit spots for my next trip to the Bull City, please leave them in the comment box below.

The Nasher Museum of Art

A fantastic collection of art on Duke University’s campus. When I visited I was lucky enough to see the Alexander Calder exhibit. Read more about the Nasher Museum of Art here.

Ox & Rabbit Soda and Sundries

A shop full of delightful gifts, home decor, and lifestyle accessories. Did I mention the fantastic milkshakes? Read more about Ox & Rabbit Soda and Sundries here.


An artisan German bakery and cafe located in a two-story building that is simply as awesome as the food! Read more about Guglhupf here.

Parker and Otis

A character-filled cafe and gift shop located near Durham’s bustling Brightleaf Square- a definite Durham favorite. Read more about Parker and Otis here.

Durham NC

Regulator Bookshop

Nana Taco

8 thoughts on “Durham, NC

  1. We’re so glad you love Durham! You and Michael are welcome any time! Charlie would love it ;)

    1. Margaret, this is a fantastic idea – something I’ve not come across in my Durham research. Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. We moved from Durham to NH a year and a half ago and miss it terribly. Be sure to eat at Rue Cler (located downtown) on your next visit. Not only do they serve great meals but they have the best bread in town. Also, Locopops are great on a hot summer day!

    1. I’ve been wanting to go to Rue Cler for ages – I’ve moved it to the top of my list for my next visit! My sister + brother love Locopops, but I’ve never been there either. Thanks for the tips, Sheryl.

  3. I really like the organization and type on your blog! If you go to Motorco on a Sunday for Bloody Brunch, save some room for ice cream from The Parlour! Full disclosure: I’m a co-owner, but I think you’ll find plenty of independent verification that our ice cream is fantastic. We’re a mobile business, so our location varies, but you can find a schedule on our web site.

    Also, to plug other people’s businesses: Toast (345 W. Main St.) has terrific soups, sandwiches, and desserts; and Loaf at 111 W. Parrish St. has absolutely incredible croissants. Plus you should go back to Ox & Rabbit often!

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