Foster’s Market

Foster’s Market is one of our favorite lunch spot when we’re visiting friends & family in Durham. We lived right down the street from Foster’s Chapel Hill location when we were students at Carolina, and although the two offer quite different atmospheres, the food is the same at both spots – scrumptious & fresh – and my meals there always hit the spot. While I was down in North Carolina earlier this month, I had the chance to go to Foster’s with a very special guest – my two week old nephew, Pax. My greatest hope is that by accompanying … Continue reading Foster’s Market

Durham, NC

Last month I traveled down to North Carolina to shoot my first wedding of the year, and in anticipation of the Map & Menu launch, I decided to make the most of my time spent in Durham with my sister and brother-in-law, MacKenzie & Philip, and document a bit of my trip. I spent the better part of four years in college at UNC despising all things Duke, which unfortunately included everything Durham-related as well. Four years out of school and I still despise everything Duke, but I’ve certainly come to love and appreciate the city of Durham! If my … Continue reading Durham, NC


MacKenzie & Philip were filming the wedding that I was in town shooting, so on the morning of the wedding we decided to fuel up at┬átheir go-to breakfast spot just down the street from their adorable bungalow – Guglhupf. They knew I’d love the food, but they also anticipated that I’d appreciate the design and decor of the restaurant as well. Of course, they were spot on! I fell instantly for the industrial & contemporary, yet warming feel of the entire place! Our meals – pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a veggie gruyere omelet – were fantastic! After we finished up, … Continue reading Guglhupf

Ox & Rabbit Soda and Sundries

I visited Ox & Rabbit a few years ago with my family one afternoon while we were browsing the shops on Ninth Street. We stopped in for some milkshakes, and ever since then, I’d been wanting to return! The milkshakes are an obvious draw for someone like me who lives for ice cream and desserts, but the shop is full of some of the most delightful gifts, home decor, and lifestyle accessories. In just one loop through the store, I picked out least five things that would have been perfect in our house, but I simply didn’t have any room … Continue reading Ox & Rabbit Soda and Sundries

The Nasher Museum of Art

After I booked my tickets to North Carolina for this weekend trip, I decided to check the schedule at the Nasher – the art museum located right on Duke’s campus. I took a few art history classes at Carolina, and I vaguely remember being ‘strongly encouraged’ by one of my professors to hop on the bus that connected the two schools to visit an exhibit at the Nasher that would have more than likely perfectly supplemented what we’d been going over in lecture. While I thoroughly enjoyed all three of my art history classes at school, going to Duke for … Continue reading The Nasher Museum of Art

Parker and Otis

My sister lived around the corner from Parker and Otis in a beautiful loft-style apartment in West Village for a year or two before she & Philip were married in 2010. She mentioned her trips to Parker and Otis practically weekly, and having visited it for myself, I can now understand why she was so taken with it. Not only is it a scrumptious cafe, but the building is home to all kinds of artisanal & speciality foods, cookbooks, home goods, cookware, and gifts. I literally could have spent hours pouring over the books and the paper goods alone! It … Continue reading Parker and Otis