Native Cape Cod Seafood

Native Cape Cod Seafood Proincetown

On our way to Cape Cod, the Sagamore Bridge (one of only two ways onto the island by car) was down to two lanes for maintenance, tacking on an extra hour to the drive in standstill traffic. So when we arrived in Provincetown, we had just two things on our mind – food and relaxation. Fortunately for us, our first stop, Native Cape Cod Seafood, delivered on both.

Serving up locally sourced, fresh seafood in more ways than just fried, with an open-air seating area overlooking the beach, Native Cape Cod Seafood isn’t your typical seafood shack. Meredith and I both ordered the steamed Mussels, in a garlic and herb broth, and split a large order of handcut fries, while the stress of the work week receded with the tide. The weather was brilliant, the sun was warm, and the food and service were spectacular (when asking if they recommended if we split a side of fries or not, they simply responded with “oh, we’ll take care of you”). When we visit Provincetown again, I know that Native Cape Cod Seafood will be one of our first stops to put us back in that vacation state of mind.

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Native Cape Cod Seafood


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