Ten Tables Provincetown

Ten Tables

What would a Map & Menu trip post be without that one meal that just puts fine dining back into perspective? Our meal at Ten Tables, the evening we arrived in town, did just that.

One of three locations (the others are in Jamaica Plain and Cambridge), Ten Tables Restaurant & Bar in Provincetown had just the right atmosphere and menu to cap off a fantastic introduction to the town and area. From our drinks (a Sage Fall sidecar and the Ten Tables Ale) to our appetizers (a Ten Tables Salad with escarole, breakfast radish, thyme and a mascarpone Vinaigrette, and the Grilled Asparagus) to the very last scrumptious bites of our entrees (the Ricotta Cavatelli with peas, grana, and toasted breadcrumbs, and the oh-so-delicious Braised Pork Shank), Meredith and I found ourselves enjoying the quiet, albeit busy (as the name implies, only 10 tables), location and wanting the evening to continue on indefinitely.

Although our inn was only a block away, we decided to finish the evening by taking the long route home, so that we could reminisce about our afternoon and excitedly plan for the rest of the trip!

Ten Tables Asparagus

Ten Tables Salad

Ten Tables Cavatelli

Ten Tables Braised Pork Loin

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