Parker and Otis

Parker and Otis

My sister lived around the corner from Parker and Otis in a beautiful loft-style apartment in West Village for a year or two before she & Philip were married in 2010. She mentioned her trips to Parker and Otis practically weekly, and having visited it for myself, I can now understand why she was so taken with it. Not only is it a scrumptious cafe, but the building is home to all kinds of artisanal & speciality foods, cookbooks, home goods, cookware, and gifts. I literally could have spent hours pouring over the books and the paper goods alone!

It was a beautiful afternoon when I visited with MacKenzie, her dog, Charlie, and our mother, and since we were lunching with Charlie, we decided to sit outside on the giant shady porch – a perfect spot to enjoy a meal with your dog! We were so hungry, that when our sandwiches arrived (egg salad, tomato & mozzarella, and a roasted veggie), we barely spoke a word to each other, which basically never happens in our family. Just ask Michael.

As far as I’m concerned, Parker and Otis is a Durham must-visit!

Parker & Otis Lunch

Dogs Parker & Otis

4 thoughts on “Parker and Otis

  1. Charlie LOVES waiting for food to drop at Parker & Otis. Great shots and review of this fun store and cafe!

  2. LOVE Parker & Otis! I just visited for the first time a few weeks ago (also had the egg salad – yum!), and am planning to post on it, too! :) Such a cool place.

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