Pig and Poet

Pig and Poet Camden Maine

Camden, one of our favorite quintessential midcoast Maine towns, already has a rich reputation for culinary excellence, so when we were invited to a summer celebration dinner at Pig + Poet, the restaurant at the historic Whitehall hotel, we could hardly contain our excitement. The restaurant’s new chef, Dirk Yeaton, has a deep understanding of the Maine way of life and its cuisine, and this meal aimed to feature the state’s seasonal offerings in a town known fittingly for where Maine’s mountains meet the sea.

To put it simply, our meal that night was truly excellent. Cocktails such as The Bearded Hipster and the Edin Margarita were both creative and delicious, and passed dishes like the oysters served with a passionfruit mignonette and the exceptional 3rd Place Chowda (named for its prize in an undoubtedly rigged Maine chowder contest), hinted that we were in for a treat long before we made our ways to the table. Once seated, the crisp, sweet asparagus salad proved to be a perfect complement to the classic comfort food lobster roll sliders, and by the time the decadently creamy shrimp & grits were served, we had almost convinced ourselves that the menu had been handcrafted just the two of us.

If chef Yeaton and Pig + Poet continue at anywhere near the pace set that evening, it won’t be long until they join the ranks of Maine’s elite restaurants, and we’ll be more than happy to watch it happen from a frequent seat at the table.

Pig and Poet

Pig and Poet Camden

Pig and Poet Whitehall

Pig and Poet Dinner Camden

Pig and Poet

Pig and Poet Camden

Third Place Powder Pig and Poet

Pig and Poet

Shrimp and Grits Pig and Poet

Pig and Poet Salad

Pig and Poet Lobster Slider

Pig and Poet Banana Caramel Upside Cake

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