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Meredith and I first discovered The Crooked Mile Cafe, our favorite sandwich shop in the Old Port, well before we ever moved to Maine, while job searching and staying at the Regency Hotel next door. In cliche food blogger parlance, it was love at first bite. Serving up a variety of sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads from their blackboard wall menus, and always with one or two tasty daily specials, The Crooked Mile is typically easy enough to pick out, just by the line of people out its front door.

Since they’re only open on weekdays, Meredith and I used to dream about either working in the Old Port or having the flexibility with our jobs to make The Crooked Mile our daily lunch spot, and this week, we took advantage of that flexibility to drop in for a bite. Meredith always orders the “Everyday Special” – a grilled cheese and the soup of the day (today’s was a delicious creamy tomato). My go-to favorite is the buffalo chicken wrap, with spicy buffalo chicken, crumbled blue cheese, carrots and tomato. It’s pretty amazing, since I can’t remember the last time I’ve ordered anything else. Throw in a couple of bags of Sun Chips and a root beer, and you’re pretty much killing it as far as lunch goes. On this trip, we even had the privilege of trying two of “the best chocolate chip cookies ever”, and we’d have to agree that they were pretty tops – we’ll probably be adding them to the usual order.

If you’re in the Old Port, looking for an awesome lunch spot, find Milk Street, and pop into the shop on the corner – you’ll thank us later.










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  1. I used to work right down the street from the Crooked Mile; the tomato soup and grilled cheese was my go-to lunch. And, man, those cookies…..

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