The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff by Meredith Perdue

When Meredith stayed at Palmetto Bluff alone, while shooting a wedding on nearby Hilton Head Island last year, it was easy for me to take her exclamations about the Inn and her cottage as slight hyperbole. Could it really be so nice that she would want to hangup with me to enjoy some relaxation in the massive clawfoot or read a good book in the decadent king-sized bed? Maybe she was just trying to make me jealous for not tagging along on the trip.

And then we returned together.

It’s no wonder why The Inn at Palmetto Bluff has racked up more ‘Best of’ awards than you can count – we had barely gotten out of the car before slipping into that vacation state of mind. Maybe it was the sunny, mid-70’s weather, the picturesque oaks blanketed with spanish moss, or the giant river house that we were welcomed into, but between car door and cottage door, it was pretty easy to get psyched about the next few days.

Staying at the inn is all about spread out, relaxed, riverfront, coastal cottage living. ¬†Each cottage has a set of bicycles (and a golf cart if desired), a spacious living area, back porch, ceiling fans galore (something I surprisingly miss from our days down south), and a bathroom that echoes with the gasps that escape you when you first see it. Extreme attention to detail is around every corner, and the southern-inspired relaxation and enjoyment is found on every inch of the property. Meredith and I would kick our mornings off (slowly of course), with a trip to the fitness center and pool (one of two on-site), and a casual bike ride to the market for some breakfast pastries and coffee. Newspaper, blog reading, and bone-chewing on the back porch would ensue, followed by the requisite morning walk and fetch session with Orvis¬†(there was plenty of open space to let him stretch his legs). Pick from any variety of activities next – kayaking the Palmetto Bluff Water Trail, biking the 4-mile path to the front-gate, hiking trails, golfing, river cruises, and much more – and make sure that you make it back in time for patio (or porch) seating at Buffalos for lunch. Relax for the afternoon, enjoy a spectacular meal at the River House, Canoe Club, or in-room dining, take in some good conversation over s’mores at the outdoor fireplaces, and then slide into the luxurious bed to get ready for the next day of tough living. It’s a hard life, but that’s what vacation is all about and the Inn at Palmetto Bluff hits the nail on the head.

Inn at Palmetto Bluff Cottages

Palmetto Bluff Bathrooms

Palmetto Bluff Bathroom

Dog Friendly Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff Sunrise Photos

Inn at Palmetto Bluff Sunrise

Bluffton SC

Palmetto Bluff SC

Palmetto Bluff

River House Palmetto Bluff

S'mores at Palmetto Bluff

11 thoughts on “The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

  1. Oh my gosh! I want to go there! We have a wedding we are supposed to attend in the area in May, so we’ll have to look into it.

    1. Definitely try to stay for a couple of nights when you’ll be in Beaufort – you guys would love it!

    1. EM! You are going to love it! I am beyond thrilled that you and John are going to experience Palmetto Bluff together!

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