Wandering: Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff by Meredith Perdue

Combing the streets of charming residential neighborhoods is one of our favorite ways to experience a place. In the past, we’ve scoped out the sweetest bungalows in the 12South neighborhood of Nashville, come up with a list of dream residences in Charleston, and taken in the holiday bedecked stoops in DC’s Capitol Hill.

Thanks to the beach cruiser bikes at Montage Palmetto Bluff, I had the chance to ride through the streets of Palmetto Bluff the other week, where six years ago Michael and I fell in love with several of the darling cottages in the village. Not much has changed in the heart of Palmetto Bluff since our last visit, as much of the development has been around the resort and in the Moreland neighborhood, but the homes are still as quaint and picturesque as ever. I could snake my way back and forth through the streets of Palmetto Bluff on a bike for hours, as a new architectural detail always seems to catch my eye, no matter how many times I’ve ridden down the same street.

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Palmetto Bluff SC

Palmetto Bluff Bluffton

Palmetto Bluff by Meredith Perdue

Palmetto Bluff SC by Meredith Perdue

Palmetto Bluff South Carolina

Palmetto Bluff Houses

Palmetto Bluff Bluffton SC

Palmetto Bluff Village

Palmetto Bluff Guide

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